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IPv6 on iPhone

Starting from iOS 4, iPhones provide support for IPv6 over the WiFi interface. Only stateless autoconfiguration is possible: the iPhone listens to Router Advertisement packets and automatically gets IPv6 configuration. The IPv6 Toolkit, downloadable from the App Store, shows extended information on the IPv6 configuration of the iPhone:

Figure 1. IPv6 toolkit interface

Note that two IPv6 addresses are auto-configured using a /64 announced prefix:

  1. One address with a MAC-based interface identifier on the last 64 bits,
  2. A second address with a random interface identifier, as specified by RFC 4941 on Privacy extensions for stateless address autoconfiguration in IPv6.

On the integrated Safari navigator, the website shows that the iPhone can be considered as a dual stack equipment and that the RFC 4941 autoconfigured address is used over the internet.

Figure 2. Testing IPv6 on an iPhone
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